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Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)


Arguably the most famous of Greek dishes, no gathering of Greeks is complete without Spanakopita. This is one of those recipes that our mothers and aunts know how to make with their eyes closed. They don’t measure anything, and when you ask them how much of an ingredient to use they say things like “αρκετό” (enough) or “μπόλικο” (a lot). Not very helpful, right? Our Mom was starting to get a little annoyed with us while she made this Spanakopita because we kept stopping her to measure things. You will see her beautiful hands in a lot of these pictures. Those hands make a mean Spanakopita.  Continue reading

Tiropitakia (Phyllo Cheese Triangles)


Our first post may have been a bit obscure, but this one is about as classic as you can get. Throughout our childhood, watching the moms gathered around the table folding these little triangles was a sure sign that a party would be happening soon. They are the perfect appetizer, and the cheese filling can be modified to suit your taste.  Our Mom likes to add milder cheeses to the feta and use white pepper so there are no specks of color, but other people prefer a bolder flavor and add stronger cheeses (like kefalotiri) and herbs. We love that these can be frozen before baking so you can have them ready in advance, and bake them up at the last minute. They are best when served warm, but taste pretty great at room temperature, too.

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