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Here it is…our first attempt at documenting our family recipes. Between work schedules, kids activities, and our Mom’s church volunteering, it took us awhile to  get this first post off the ground.  So, when we finally found the time and had to decide what to make it boiled down to two things: something that wouldn’t take all day, and something that our kids would eat.  If we were going to take the time to cook, document the recipe, and take pictures, we definitely didn’t want to have to make dinner that night!  This isn’t the prettiest or the most well-known Greek dish out there, but it is something that we ate all the time growing up.  A weeknight staple, if you will. It requires basic ingredients and doesn’t take long to come together.  Plus, our kids love these and call them ‘Golden Meatballs’.  What more can you ask for?  Continue reading