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Patates me Avga (Potato & Eggs)


When I was very little, I refused to eat eggs in any form, even if the eggs were nestled among crispy golden french fries. Silly, I know. Always ahead of her time, Yiayia realized that she just needed to ‘rebrand’ Patates me Avga in order for me to give it a try. She renamed it σκοτάδι, which means ‘darkness’, not because it describes the food in any way, but because it defined my state of awareness while eating this dish. Yiayia was a wise woman. Her trick worked like a charm and I would routinely devour Patates me Avga while blindly clinging to the belief that I did not eat eggs. I’m not sure if the moral of this story is if you add french fries to anything, you can get a kid to eat it? Or…lying to kids is good sometimes? Or… I wasn’t the smartest Greek kid on the block? Either way I’m so glad she tricked me because this dish is a keeper. French fries and eggs…it doesn’t get any simpler and there are few things more satisfying.  Continue reading